Monday, 18 September 2017

Fill in September 18 2017

Here is the playlist for today.

Covers ... Beauts *
Fix Me Now ... Garbage
Slipping Away ... Like A Motorcycle *
Spins In Circles ... Dinosaur Bones *
Horse Pills ... Dandy Warhols
Blue Church Road  ... Collette Savard *
Push and Pull ... White Hot Jet *
Save Your Nails ... Andy Dixon*
Girls ... Aitch
Can't Keep Your Mind Off ... Data Romance *
What You've Always Wanted ...The Beans
Waiting on A Feeling ... City Rain
Born In The USA ...Ben Sir *
Too Much, Not Enough ... Say Yes *
Radio Nowhere ... The Matchup *
Covered in Chrome ... Violent Soho
Hungry Heart ... Cactus Vella *

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Ruby Slippers Sept. 15 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

This one is really upbeat and heavy (for me anyway)
Hope it'll cure what ails ya.

Empty Handed Painter ... Coastwest Unrest
Solitude is Bliss ... Tame Impala
Curse of the Corner Lot ... Electricity for Everybody *
Kicking the Habit ... Trained by Aliens *
Follow ... Gas Covered Planet *
Gasoline Radio ... Real Gone
Libby First Sunrise ... Destroyer *
Bollywood ... Patrick Watson *
Tiger Phone Card ... Dengue Fever
Flame to the Moth ... Pain Of Salvation
Anomaly ... Doldrums *
Purple Rain ... Prince

That's it. Ha!!!
Thanks for listening
See you on Monday at 7 for a secret fill in show.


Monday, 11 September 2017

Fill In September 11 2017 7-8 pm

Here is the playlist

Snowflakes Are Dancing ... Kurt Vile
Highway 408 ... Liver *
Time Is A Machine Gun ... A Shoreline Dream
Alien Threat ... NLP *
Stranger Than Earth ... Purity Ring *
Black Magic ... The Ballantynes *
Lamplight The Way ... CATL *
You Love Fades Away ... Simone Denny *
Another Girl Another Planet ... Screwed *
Kinda Sucks ... Trevor Battle *
My Heart Is Pinned To Your Sleeve  ... The High Dials *
Live Forever ... Danko Jones *
Running Away ... The Royal Foundry *
Johnny Appleseed ... Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
Dear Liza ... Running Red Lights *

thanks for listening

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Ruby Slippers September 8 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!
Sorry, a little late this week getting this posted. Life is in a real whirl presently but the music must go on!
Hence, this outstanding playlist for you to enjoy!

Shake ... Tin Bangs *
Wasted Youth ... Spectre Hearts *
Dressed To The Nines ... Caffeine (new)
Never Coming Down ... White Hot Jet *
Bag O Miracles ... Eagles of Death Metal
The Hand That Brings the Road Kill To The Side ... The Great Russian Empire * (new)
Gimme Some Annihilation ... Crocodiles
I Need This Bed To Myself ... Holiday Crowd *
Fair Weather ... Howl *
Take It on Faith ... Matt Mays *
Set Me Free ... Tafari Anthony (new)
Burning Flame ... The Franklin Electric *
Rust ... Cam Bird (new)
Life's A Gas ... Greg Clarke *
Give Me Time ... Roo & The Howl
Sandy ... Caribou *
Just Good Friends ... Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder

Wow that's a mixed card for sure.

Thanks for listening


Monday, 4 September 2017

Fill In September 4 201 7-8 pm

Hey there! Fill in list is right HERE!

I Won't Change ...Ballroom Babies *
Still Adore You ...Hexes and Ohs *
Stay Back ... The Brains *
We Could Be Here ... Hollow Threads
Nerve Endings ... Eagulls
Ain't Life Funny ... The Sulks *
Whirring ... The Joy Formidable
Sleepwalker ... Possum *
Oh My Heart ... Mother Mother *
Way Out West ... Big Star
Destroyer ... King Khan and the Shrines *
Real Man ... Todd Rundgren
Swooner ... The Zolas *
Spirit Shadows ...Autumn Stones *
Time ... Fast Romantics *
Strange Attractions ...Diana *

(Sorry for the glitch)


Saturday, 2 September 2017

Fill In for September 2 Noon Til 2

Here is the fill in list!
Somewhere Over The Rainbow ... Ramones
Shine Of Her Moon ... Basement Arms *
Berlin ... Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
In 2 The Arms Of Love ... Jupiter In Velvet
Madman ... Klaatu *
 I Miss My Friends ... Rabid Flowers *
Feels Good To Me .. Red Amber Green *
Holding Still ... Valentin Gerlier
Dust Hymn ... Purity Ring *
Ordinary People ... Twin Peaks
Bontemps Latin ... Holy Fuck *
Lama ...Ummagma *
Phaze Ulysses ... Devil's Din *
What You're After ... Within Rust *
Don't Talk To Me ... Korean Drama *
Mourning Song ... We Are The City *
Lonely Boy ... Iggy Pop and Ginger Baker
Vanilla Blue ... Alex Bent and the Emptiness *
So Long ... Jig The Alien
California ... Tobias The Owl
Cheap Music ... Handsome Furs *
Left Alone ... Zoo Owl *
Babes ... Icky Blossoms
Soul Love ... Austra and CFCF *
Extreme To Me ...Kris Demeanor * (warning, explicit)
Twist ... Aero Flynn
Burn The Witch ... Radiohead
Fires .. Band of Skulls
Cults ... Little Girls *
She's My Girl ... The Turtles
No Money ... Kings of Leon
K9 ... The Velvet Ants
One Fine Morning ... Lighthouse * (Skip Prokop RIP)

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 31 August 2017

Ruby Slippers September 1 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Argggghhhhh!!! The school year is just around the weekend and despite the fact that it isn't officially the end of summer until the 21st (and I am sticking to that!) it's time to settle into school/work/big person routines.

However, I have to tell you, it may seem like the fun is done but music doesn't have to be somber and serious, no siree!

I Was A Teenage Stockbroker .... Stark Naked and the Fleshtones *
Psychic Attack ... The Radiation Flowers *
A Thousand Eyes ... Electricity for Everybody *
Couch .... Taxi *
(interview with Emma from the band)
Flaky ... Taxi *
Wild Things ... Kashka *
World Between Us ... Katey Morley *
Call Me (Young Galaxy Remix) ... The Pipettes
Little Dreams ... Ellie Goulding
Un Chant D'Amour ... Crocodiles
Reality In Motion ... Tame Impala
Dance ... Acid Dance *
Suffragette City ... David Bowie (been in a real Bowie mood these days)

You can reach Emma Lamarre  on Twitter
Thanks for listening. Back tomorrow with a noon to 2 fill in.


Monday, 28 August 2017

Fill In August 28 2017 7-8 pm

Hi Kids

Here is the playlist for my awesome playlist

Best.   Job.   Ever.

Linoleum ...Pain Of Salvation
Sanctified ...NIN
Just A Little Bit ... Blue Cheer
Brigade ... Run With The Kittens *
17 ... Radiator Flowers *
Graffiti ... Shark Week *
More Than A Feeling ... Night seekers *
Shake The Hand ... Lee Harvey Osmond *
More My Mojo ... Son Roberts Band *
Pig Meat ... Arlo Guthrie
Suzanne ... Royal Wood *
Matador ... Eugene Ripper *
The Next Day ... David Bowie
Such Great Heights ... The Postal Service
It's Not Meant To Be ... Tame Impala
Tribute ... Pyramids on Mars

That's it!

See you Friday at 7


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Ruby Slippers August 25 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Miss me? I am back after a week off and there is so much really excellent music in this playlist!

Here we go!

Long Train Runnin' ... The Doobie Brothers
Something Good ... Mark Tara *
You Don't Know Yet ... The Son Roberts Band *
Two Headed Boy ... Neutral Milk Hotel
Back To Me ... Goodbye Honolulu * (new)
Anime Eyes ... The Awkward Stage *
Mesmerize ... Temples
Reset ... KASHKA * (new)
What's A Girl To Do? ... Bat For Lashes
Psychedelic Furs ... Stella Diana
Ten Years ... King Heat Ensemble (new)
Revolution Blues ... Neil Young *
Lungs ... Silent Movie Types *
Go Slow ... Tei Shi *
Take a Rest ... Tora (new)

See you again on MONDAY when I get to do a fill in show!

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ruby Slippers August 11 2017

Hey everybody.

This is my last playlist ... for two weeks! August 18th the show has been preempted for a live remote broadcast. So this one is really hard core, brace yourself.

The Stars (Are Out Tonight) ... David Bowie
Heart Talk ... The Polyphonic Spree
Letter From An Occupant ... The New Pornographers *
Dead Spheres ... Modern Creatures *
Fix Me Now ... Garbage
Scentless Apprentice ... Greys *
Down On The Street ... The Stooges
GMO ... Artificial Dissemination *
Epigenetic ... Authentic Imperfection *
Dominos ... Peter Bjorn & John
Don't Care ... Ophelia Syndrome *
Better ... Stuck On Planet earth *
Rock Me ... Steppenwolf *
Spirit Shadows ... The Autumn Stones *
Monster and Ghouls ... Albert Ryan

See you on the 18th.

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Ruby Slippers August 4 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

A very special thank you to my cohosts of the last two weeks, the fabulous Katey Morley and the unstoppable Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sink. It was really fun to share the hour with them and you the listener! However all good things must come to an end, and it's just little old me doing the honours for the rest of the summer. (So far.....)

Here it is, the playlist for a brand new month. There are new tracks which I will mark as such.

Twenty-Twenty ... parker Bombshell *
Sweetback's Gonna Make It ... John Wilkes Booze (best. name. ever)
Up Top ... Busty and the Bass * (new)
Could Be You ... Yohawn Brown (*?)
Making Waves ... Rabid Flowers * (new)
Hostages ... A.C. Newman *
Easy Enough ... Le Trouble * (new)
When I Can't Sleep ... The Danger Bees *
resistance ... The Franklin Electric * (love this band)
Have Love Will Travel ... The Blue Van (thx to Moondog for this one)
Another Weirdo ... Goodbye Honolulu *
Flower King of Flies ... The Nice
Strange Solar System ... The Apples in Stereo
Mercury ... Tora (new)
Fooled Again? ... Pedro Costa *
Young Offender ... New Order
MK Ultra ... Muse
Dead Spheres ... Modern Creatures *

Too much, I know, I know. Let's see what plays out

Thanks for listening. See you next week


Thursday, 27 July 2017

Ruby Slippers with Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sink July 28 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Here we are at the end of another month and as it turns out we are going out with a BANG!!!
Tonight's guest cohost is none other than Nikki from the celebrated podcast "Everything and the Kitchen Sink" and as is always the way with a cohost, she has picked the playlist.

See how I cleverly let someone do all the work? (I know, you're on to me. LOL)

Anyway, it promises to be a fun show and here is the stuff we will be playing, if we don't get too wrapped up with the silliness.

Devil's Wave ... The Gnarly Ones *
Right On You ... Benjamin Booker
Shelter In My Arms ... Simone Denny and the Stereo Dynamite *
Down Down ... The Coathangers
My Place Your Town ... The Ballantynes *
20th Century Strategies ... Public Animal *
Going Out Tonight ... Danko Jones *
Poka ... Mabiisi
sPEak ... Public Enemy
Love and Romance ... The Slits

There you go.

Again many thanks to Katey Morley for last week's show.

And thanks to YOU for listening.


Monday, 24 July 2017

Fill in show July 24th 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Got the call to fill in today, so here is the playlist.

Loser Without Your Love....Lee Harvey Osmond *
World Between Us ... Katey Morley *
Years ... Dream Aria *
In Gingham ... The Dagons
Mr. Skin ... Acid Test *
Electric Avenue ... Woodhands *
Boatman ... Little Scream *
Golden Years ... Russian Futurists *
Tone ... Strange Cases *
Empty Room ... Arcade Fire *
You've Become Skeletal ... Jay Holy *
Phasors on Stun ... FM *
Hijacked ... Run With The Kittens *
Beat and the Pulse ... Austra *
Moonage Daydream ... Dirty Nil *

Thanks for listening. See you on Friday


Friday, 21 July 2017

Ruby Slippers for July 21 2017

Hey everybody

Here is the playlist as chosen by my amazing guest cohost Katey Morley.

Support her new album (two EPs actually, entitled Then and Now) on iTunes, Bandcamp or through her website.

Didn't You ... Katey Morley *
Noah ... Katey Morley *
Lucille ... Kenny Rogers
White Daisies ... Rose Cousins *
Big Smoke ... Katey Morley *
Drawn to the Rhythm ... Sarah McLachlin *
Compromise ... Mercy Flight *
Good Little Girls ... Katey Morley *
Soon ... Katey Morley *

I am deeply honoured to have had her in house, particularily as she drove in from the north to do it!

Next week, Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sink podcast and No Pants Record Day

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Ruby Slippers Hillside playlist July 14 2017

Hey everybody!

I can't believe it's that time of year again. The perfect festival is on starting today for a weekend of music, workshops, wonderful food and good will. It is even totally green. Doesn't get a lot better than that. Hats off to the Dish Ninjas!

Anyhow, most of the tracks on this week's playlist are from performers at Hillside. If you can't be there (I can't unfortunately) this is the next best thing! Enjoy

Powerlines ... Lowest of the Low *(HS headliner on Friday)
The Milkman of Human Kindness ... Billy Bragg  (HS)
Can You Make Me Feel Blue ... Lost Cousins * (HS)
Almost ... Sarah Harmer * (HS)
Deep Toque ... Aerialists * (HS)
Fifty Fifty ... The Luyas * (HS)
GBA ... Xavier Rudd (HS) (I am crying real tears about missing this one)
Strongest Man Alive ... Franklin Electric * (HS)
Feather and Bone ... Common Deer * (HS)
Kirsten Time ... WHOOP-Szo * (HS)
Sheep ... Mt. Joy * (HS)
Dangerdangerdanger ... Rae Spoon * (HS)
Peroxide ... Chastity * (HS)
I Won't Go ... Dead Flowers * (HS)
Maybe Angels ... Sheryl Crow (in memory of)

Didn't make it to this wonderful group: The Turbans so here is their video

Thanks for listening. 

(HS) Hillside Festival 2017

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Ruby Slippers for July 7 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Yikes! July! I got nothing

Pyromancer ... Buddy Black and the Ghost Umbrellas *
Leaders of the Undersea World .... Odds *
Whole Lotta Love ... Dread Zeppelin
Sexy ... Lucky + Love
Your Breath ... Analog Angel
The Fall ... Black Lady Soul *
Fog and Dust ... iSpy *
Tree Trunks ... Basement Revolver *
Skipping Life ... Broken Halo *
Teenage Blood ... Apex Manor
Hand That Feeds ... NIN
Help ... The Apartments
Noisemaker ... Two Hours Traffic  *
Sick Days ... The Holiday Crowd *
Lucky ... Allistair
Haven ... Bravestation *
Dk/Pi ... Aero Flynn

In heaven, everything is fine.

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ruby Slippers for June 30 (Good Lord where did June go?) 2017

Hey everybody!

I CAN'T BELIEVE THE MONTH IS DONE!!!!!!  And Canada is going to be 150 YEARS OLD !!!

Too much to process, so I am going to just kick back and listen to music. Are you in?

Dancing in The Rain ... The Hawk In Paris (go to track when I need a break from life)
13th Floor ... Bravestation * NEW NEW NEW
Body ... Young Galaxy *
Couch ... Taxi * NEW! Radio Premier!
Inverse Seconds ... Tobias the Owl
Yukon Princess ... Lakes and Pines * NEW from Winnipeg
Gimme Time ... Bullet * NEW
Covers ... Beauts *
Charles William ... All Them Witches
Can't Fight The Feeling ... Orange O'Clock *
Until the End ... Black Fever * (I do love this track)
Animal Wives ... Amos The Transparent *
She's Leaving Home ... The Beatles
Young ... Chevalier Avant Garde *

This is too much for the hour, I know. But I can dream, right? And Post Malone will just have to wait as we need LOADS of Cancon * for July 1st!!!

Celebrate responsibly this weekend and thanks for listening.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Ruby Slippers NXNE Part Deux June 23 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

NXNE continues on its merry way and as promised from last week, here is the second part of the playlist. There are also some non festival surprises, something BRAND NEW, a radio exclusive from F-105, very exciting, and of course a tip of the hat to Pride Month here in Toronto, going on NOW!

And if you wonder why there isn't a day by day random picks blog, well, the new streamlined format for NXNE is more appropriate to Tweet out.

So here's the Twitter address   @carolbonciut

Get Outa My Way ... The Laughing Dogs (not NXNE but what the hell)
Stairway ... Yukon Blonde *
Grab the Phone ... Secret Satanists *
Errors ... KID *
Found Blue Skies ... Pat Robitaille * (this is an early track but I really love it)
Gatsby ... Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies *
My Girl (For You) ... Ferraro *
Cowards In The Castle ... The Anti Queens *
Only I Can Bring You Down ... Jupiter in Velvet (not NXNE, see previous comment)
Seashore ... The Regrettes *
Toronto Girl ... F-105 * (not NXNE, radio premier!!!!!!!)
No Talk ... River Tiber *
Make Way ... HeartStreets *
Rise Up! ... Lorraine Segato * (Pride Week in Toronto)

Thanks for listening!

You can reach me at or
Twitter @carolbonciut
Facebook  RubySlippersRadio


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Ruby Slippers NXNE 2017 June 16 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's festival season and believe it or not, NXNE is already upon us!

The first weekend is devoted at Yonge and Dundas Square to the gamers among you, but there is still loads of great music in clubs and at the Portlands as the week carries on.

This week's playlist is a sample of some of that awesomeness.

Love Is Greed ... Passion Pit
Bike Home ... Humans *
You're The One ... Kaytranada *
Cold Water ... Blue Sky Miners *
Georgia Moon ... The Northern Coast *
Something about Her ... The Kents *
Strongest Man Alive ... The Franklin Electric *
Summer Eyes ... Midday Swim *
Feel An Emotion ... Lost Cousins *
Relling the Liars In (Swans cover) ... Cold Specks *
Hold On ... Twin Peaks
Home is Where ... Caveboy *
Friend of a Friend ... Teen Ravine *
Paris ... Beach Season *
Comeback Kid ... Sleigh Bells
Never Forever ... Dead Soft *

There you go. And that's not all! Check out the full line up at

Hope to see you there and thanks for listening!

*Cancon of course!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ruby Slippers June 9 (I think) 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

As it's going to be insanely hot (for Toronto) this weekend, defaulted to a more laid back playlist this week. Before this show goes to air, I review the list end to end twice and I am now ready to face what may lie ahead, that's how chill it is.


Shine Of Her Moon ... Basement Arms *
In2 The Arms of Love ... Jupiter in Velvet (new)
I Miss My Friends ... Rabid Flowers * (new)
Holding Still ... Valentin Gerlier
Ordinary People ... Twin Peaks
Lama (Robin Guthrie remix) ... Ummagma *
What You're After ... Within Rust *
Mourning Song ... We Are The City *
Vanilla Blue ... Alex Bent and the Emptiness (new) *
California (CA) ... Tobias the Owl
Left Alone ... Zoo Owl * (see what I did there? Two owls)
Soul Love ... Austra and CFCF * (Bowie cover)
Twist ... Aero Flynn (💗)
Fires ... Band of Skulls
K9 ... The Velvet Ants

Won't make the whole list...but you never know how it will shake out!

Up next week NXNE playlist

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ruby Slippers June 2 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Another month, more excellent music

Looks as if I will be doing a NXNE playlist soon, but this week sees some new tracks from Canadian artists Herokah and Pon the Rebel, some classic Brian Wilson and David Bowie and all manner of stuff in between.


Waiting List ... Catl *
Those Things You Do ... Teenage Head *
Freedom for a Policeman ... Chad VanGaalen *
Shelf Life ... Pon The Rebel * (new)
The Moment ... Tame Impala
Everybody Wants to Rule The World ... Tears for Fears (touring again this summer)
Snake Charmer (Young Galaxy remix) ... CFCF *
Bed Of Nailz ... Herokah *
Los Angeles ... Ben Novak (new)
Everybody Knows You're High ... Partner * (new)
Pinky's Dream ... David Lynch (yes, THAT David Lynch from the Crazy Clown Time LP)
Renewed Love ... Tangiers *
Istanbul ... They Might Be Giants
Saturday Morning In The City ... Brian Wilson
Rum Hee (Deerhoof remix) ... Shugo Tokumaru
Primitive Creatures....Church of Trees *

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Ruby Slippers for May 26 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Happy Memorial Day weekend for those of you who are visiting friends and family in the US  or listening to this station online! May the weather be nice, the people friendly and a complete lack of drama all around.

Here's this week's soundtrack to the weekend. New stuff, old stuff, some brand new tracks from a boutique label in the north.

Ready, steady GO!!!

Neon Jesus ... Crocodiles
We're All In Love ... Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Public Safety Announcement ... The Bravery *
Find Me Easily ... Couleur Dessin *
iBelieve (Krystle Love B remix) ... Septembryo *
Hold Your Secrets To Your Heart ... Miracle Fortress *
Lanterns ... I, Us and We
Fuzzy Dunlop ... Me, You and Thomas
Head In The Clouds ... Melody Carvid *
Good Enough ... Rose Cousins *
The Storm ... Jesse Chimm *
The Slingshot ... The How Do You Like Me Nows*
Barbara Jean ... Hunter Valentine *
In Memory ... The Disraelis *
Crossed Wires ... The Acorn *

Whoa Nelly! How awesome is this, if I do say myself!

Thanks for listening and remember to be safe out there.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Ruby Slippers May 19 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Thanks so much for your support during the membership week and the show.
I find it hard to reach out for help. It means a lot to have you step forward and keep this place and this show on the air.

I am sorry to say that Bestival has pulled out of Toronto this year as well as a number of other music festivals simply because of funding. HOWEVER, we here at the station will continue to fly the music flag each and every week. Toronto IS a music city and we will never forget that.

Never, ever.

So here goes.

Electric Avenue (Eddie Grant cover) ... Woodhands * (never gets old)
You Get What You Give ... New Radicals (a thank you to our supporters)
Wicket Youth ... Sego
Golden Years ... The Russian Futurists *
Empty Room ... Arcade Fire *
Under The Knife ... The Rural Alberta Advantage *
Noah ... Katey Morley * (NEW)
The Magician ... Secession
Grand Mal Seizure ... Shattervox *
Change My Ways ... Headstones *
Jumpin Jack ... Aretha Franklin (comfort for the soul)
Bedroom Music (Basement Love remix) ... Bloody Five *
Love Song ... The Cure
Years Slip Away ... Dream Aria *
Hijacked ... Run With the Kittens *

Notice all the Cancon (*) We got it going on, baby!

Thanks for listening

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ruby Slippers May 12 Membership Drive Show

Hey everybody

As you may know from previous membership drives, I won't use everything on the playlist.

There are things that need to be said and thank you's to our listeners.

Here is the list from which I will choose.

Over The Rainbow ... Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Rollover DJ ...Jet
Tone ... The Strange Cases *
Crown Victoria ... Amity Beach *
Alright With You ... Rabid Flowers *
Towards The Sun ... Dream Aria *
Phasors on Stun ... FM *
Boatman ... Little Scream *
Bells ... Jean Michel Jarre
Blue Is Red ... Jets Overhead *
Moonage Daydream ... Dirty Nil *

To keep an independent alternative community station alive, we need the help of our listeners.

There is no FAKE NEWS, just another way of looking at things: new perspectives, new music, contributions from all walks of life.

Please consider donating to us. You can do so online (secure site) at

Thanks for listening and see you next week.


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Ruby Slippers May 5 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's the lovely month of May and although so far it's been underwater, at least the world is starting to wake up again with new growth.

Some of this playlist is also very new and perhaps also new to you. So without further ado, here it is!

Bare Bones ... Era 9 *
Myth #7 (Honour) ... Les Jupes *
Weakness ... Jon Cohen Experimental *
Little Lies ... Hamish Anderson
Perfect World ... Allen Stone
Drifters Raus ... Joel Plaskett *
You've Become Skeletal ... Jay Holy *
Zita ... Matt Mays *
Goodnight ... The Do Good Badlies *
Mother Russia ... Cope *
Punk Rock til We've Parted ... The Lucky Ones *
Ready To Start ... Arcade Fire *
Precious ... Little Dragon
Rainy Day ... Jenn Grant *
Blood Moon ... Hermitess *
Modern, Normal ... Memoryhouse *
I Won't Break ... Alexandra Jayne
Was It Worth It ... Mama Kin

Next week THE SPRING MEMBERSHIP SHOW!!! Taking requests this week at 💖

Thanks for listening

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Ruby Slippers April 28 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Big deep breath after the festival, gearing up for the Membership Drive in two weeks!
Time to just chill out with this playlist.

Wait Up For You  (Andy Dixon Remix) ... Lift x Zerbin *
Bed of Nailz ... Herokah *
Burn Bright ... The Lost Talkers *
The Ballad of  Killah P... King Kahn and the BBQ Show *
Weight Of The World ... Andrew Hunter and The Gatherers *
Dig Or Seal ... Laska *
You Don't Know Me ... Polyphonic Spree
Plastic ... Aine Cahill
Ice Age (ft. Deadmau5) ... How To Destroy Angels
Ventures ... We The Oceanographers
Gay Pirates ... Evan Westfal *
The Loneliest of Creatures ... Klaatu *
Ding Dong ... Klaus Nomi
Listen Now ... The Knife
The Immortals ... Kings of Leon
In The Dead Of The Night ... U.K. (ft. Allan Holdsworth RIP)

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Canadian Music Week, Last Day!

Last day, switched to a big ol' mug of tea. Was out reasonably late for me last night and it's kick back time.

BUT there is still today at CMW with a few major choices so here goes.

Lula Lounge start time 2:30
  -Fred Penner. Yes you heard me right. Fred Penner. You might have to fight with a different demographic to get close to the stage but there he is and who wouldn't want to go? Right?

Phoenix starts at 9 pm ****AllAges****
  -Token, Hopsin

Rebel (Polson St) Major venue, doors open at 7 pm
  -CMW finale with Explosions in the Sky.

Thanks for following along with me on this year's event. Don't know about you but there is a lot of listening to do post festival and you can bet many of these artists will end up in the playlist.

Take care and see you at NXNE

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Canadian Music Week Day 5

Another day, three coffees. Notice how it's getting harder and harder to wake up.

Big day, loads of venues. Something for everyone, but really, anywhere is great. In fact just had a half an hour discussion about what to do tonight.

Adelaide Hall  start time 9 pm
  -Moon Eyed, Psychic Twin, Generationals  This looks like an amazing choice!

Bovine Sex Club start time 9 pm
  -Moon Tan, Hiroshima Hearts and friends

Cameron House start time 8 pm
  -Jessica Allossery, Eastern Owl, Hearing Trees and others

The Garrison start time 9 pm
  -Weight, Eyeballs, Teenager, Beliefs, and more with Late Night DJ Party DJ Cadence Weapon!!!

Hard Rock Cafe start time 8 pm
  -Double Experience, Royal North et al

Horseshoe start time 8 pm
  -Dead Projectionists, Adam Baldwin, Birds of Bellwoods just as a start

Monarch Tavern start time 8 pm
  -Seance Sisters, King Creep, Your Sunshine Vapor and more

Rivoli (Music of Nova Scotia) start time 9 pm
  -Danger Bees, The Brood and friends

Smiling Buddha start time 6:30 (bonus!!!)
  -We The Oceanographers, Straight to Business, Blve Hills

And that's not all!! Check out the full schedule at for more suggestions.

One more day to go!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Canadian Music Week Day 4

Hey everybody
On the second cup of coffee today, kinda slow going on that front. Mind you have hit the gym and walked the dog and am bracing for another round of outdoor activity.

Perfect time to pause and offer some suggestions for tonite's CMW.  JUST suggestions, remember.

Adelaide Hall  Start time 8:30pm
  -Little Destroyer, Caveboy, Ria Mae

Bovine Sex Club start time 9 pm
  -Critical Hit, Sumo Cyco, loads of other great bands until 4 am.

The Garrison  start time 9 pm
  -Sam Coffey and the Iron Longs, New Swears, Greys and friends

The Great Hall  start time 9 pm
  -Velveteins, Chastity, Wolf Parade !!!!!!!

Horseshoe Tavern  start time 8 pm
  -Dead Love, Common Deer, The Brains!! and others

Lee's Palace  start time 8:30 This will be a tough one to get in to, go early
  -Dune Rats, new swears, Dead Heavens, Yukon Blonde, Dandy Warhols

Phoenix start time 9 pm
  -Infected Mushroom!

Smiling Buddha start time 7 pm
  -Talk Show Host, Dead Love, Forty Seven Teeth and friends

Supermarket start time 8 pm
  -Chad Price, Barq, Jessica Stuart Few

Stop, Drop and Roll start time 9 pm
  -Ocean Cure, We The Oceanographers and others


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Ruby Slippers CMW 2017 April 21 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

As promised here is yet another playlist centred on CMW 2017. There have been so many interesting entries into this year's festival, expect to see them pop up during the next few weeks. CMW is like a shot in the arm to seek out new music long past the actual event.


Born Yesterday ... Hollerado *
Blackout Beach ... All Hands on Jane *
Four Steps Down ... Hiroshima Hearts *
Eleanor Goulding's Baby ... Left By Snakes (from Stayner) *
Star Machine ... Bob Mould
Heart Shaped Box ... Beliefs * (yes, I know I have played this before. Just love it)
World Gong Crazy .. Han Han x Datu xHataw *
Home is Where ... Caveboy *
Becoming Insane ... Infected Mushroom
Bum Me Out ... Goodbye Honolulu *
Honest Lies ... Messenger Birds
She Walks At Night ... King Creep *
Try Try Again ... The Rising Few *
Dissonance ... Owen Meany's Batting Stance *
No Wrenching of Guts This Time ... Seazoo (Wales)
California Dreamer ... Wolf Parade *
Twin Mirror ... Zoo Owl *
Consent ... Vallens *

Wow. I have no words.

Thanks for listening.


Canadian Music Week Day 3 2017

Major bucket of tea to start the day today. Not only is there the list to post but also the playlist for this Friday and as promised it's all about CMW.

So here is Day 3's random picks for what to do tonight. Let me know what you think and please feel free to offer feedback on what YOU went to see.

Cherry Cola's start time 9 pm
  -Messenger Birds, Blue Stones , Velveteins and a whole heap more

The Great Hall start time 8:00
  -Birds of Olympus, Medeline Kenney and friends

Hard Rock Cafe start time 8 pm
  -Render, Rising Few, Celebration Army just to name a few

Horseshoe start time 8 pm
  -Honest Hearts Collective, ZOOBOMBS, Crazy Bones and others

Lee's Palace Start time 9 pm
  -Kasador, Wildlife, Matt Mays (love this music)

Long Boat Hall  start time 7
  -Radiant Baby, Hone Beard, Zoo Owl plus more

Phoenix Hall start time 8 pm
  -NQ Arbuckle, Amelia Curran, Tanya Tagaq, Whitehorse

Silver Dollar  start time 8 pm
  -Little Coyote, Luna Ll, Japanese Breakfast

Velvet Underground start time 9 pm
  -New Electric, Courage My Love

Take a deep breath, it's on to Friday.

Thanks for listening

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Canadian Music Week 2017 Day 2

Hey kids,

Two cups of coffee...check. Been to the gym...check. Read over the listings for CMW for tonight...check. Making a bunch of picks...not so easy.

Things are really heating up with oodles of venues and loads of talent. Always a hard job, but in the spirit of any festival, just close your eyes and point. Works for me.

PS for some reason the listings in the guide misspelled Wednesday. Guess the coffee actually woke me up.

Cherry Cola's start time 9 pm
  -Grown Up Avenger Stuff, All Hands on Jane and friends

Danforth Music Hall start time 7 pm
  -Good Charlotte is back and they brought a posse of talented artists with them

Drake Underground  start time 8 pm  Irish Showcase
  -Barq, Bitch Falcon, Birds of Olympus  (have played Barq on a number of occasions on the show)

The Garrison start time 9 pm ***
  -this whole card is amazing including Han Han, Tasseomancy, YTST, Vanishing Hand

The Great Hall start time 8 pm ***
  -Dead Love, Dune Rats, Surf Dads, Hockey Dad   

Long Boat Hall start time 7 pm CD Baby Showcase
  - Weird with Cats and others

Monarch Tavern our very own Mar On Music start time 9 ish ***
  -Faith Healer, Eliza and the Delusionals, Dentist, Goodbye Honolulu
  (Mar never misses, will be a blast)

Phoenix Concert Hall start time 7
  -may be hard to get into Dan Mangan, Hollerado, 54-40, Wooden Sky, Repartee

Rivoli start time 8 pm  Spotlight on France
  -Tete, Cleo T, Theo Lawrence and the Hearts, etc.

Silver Dollar start time 8 pm  Pop Montreal Showcase
  -need I say more?


Thanks for playing, see you tomorrow

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Canadian Music Week Day 1 April 18th

Hey everybody!

Am on my second cup of coffee. Battery's nearly out on the laptop. Still nowhere near finished listening to all the artists on deck for today. Good thing? Daunting thing?

As in previous years, I will post picks for each day of the festival and as in previous years, I will stress that these are merely suggestions. Every band has earned the right to be here because they are awesome. You can't go wrong regardless of where you decide to land! If I could hijack the station for a day, I would love to do continuous programming of all the artists from this year's CMW line up. There, I said it.

However, as one can't be everywhere at once, here are a few to consider.

Adelaide Hall  8 pm start
  -The Danger Bees, Honest Heart Collective and others

Mod Club 7 pm start
  -Modern Space, Dead Projectionists plus a whole lot more

Drake Underground 7 pm start
  -Bink, Toito (from Hamilton) as part of a great lineup

Silver Dollar 8 pm start
  -Knifey, ZOOBOMBS! yes, you read that right

Rivoli  8 pm start
   -Exit Someone, Seazoo (from Wales ) very interesting card

Bovine Sex Club 7 pm start
  -Huaraches and friends Who doesn't want to start off with a little surf? Hmmm???

Full schedule is here: and frankly, as with all selections, these are a result of personal familiarity with the bands listed.

BE BOLD!!! Seek out new bands!

See you tomorrow and please let me know who YOU discovered!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Ruby Slippers April 14 CMW preview 2017

Hey everybody!

Next week is Canadian Music Week and once again I will be doing a total random day by day pick of what the affair has to offer.

This week's playlist is a preview of what the festival has to offer. By no means complete and by no means the last one. I will also include more artists in next week's show.

Decisions, decisions.

Rochambo .....Matt Mays *
Kill Count ....The Balconies *
Saw Mill ... The Blue Stones *
Cheap Dogs ... Eyeballs *
No Glamour In The Hammer .... Whitehorse *
Stay Back .... The Brains *
I'm Still Young ... Letters to Lions
Heft ... Japanese Breakfast
Lose Myself ... Psychic Twin
Universe ... Faith Healer *
Bear ... Barq
Oak Of Guernica ... Yamantaka//Sonic Titan * (YTST)
Franklin ... Talk Show Host *
Styggo ... The Dandy Warhols
Bird/Glass ... Danger Bees *
Best of Us ... Weird With Cats *
Wastelands .. The Dead Love

Never fear if they all don't make it. There is always next week!

Thanks for listening

CMW April 18-23

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Ruby Slippers April 7 7-8 pm 2017

Hey everybody

Here it is another month.

CMW is coming up, the flowers are too. Lots to look forward to. And just in case you think I have gone soft in the head with positive vibes, remember the months without sun. It can change a person, you know?

So Step Off ... Mouth Music
If I Were A Ship ... Hey Ocean! *
Nomu ... Good Kid *
If I could Rule the World From a Small Town ... Gone Hazel *
Ain't Nobody Watching Me ... The Burnins *
Blue Light ... Ultravox
Cheap Music ... Handsome Furs *
Push and Pull ... White Hot Jet*
We Gotta Go ... Karma Bros *
Set it off ... Goodbyemotel
Everybody Loves You When You're Dead ... Lola Dutronic *
Desert Planet ... F 105 *
Black Tambourine ... Beck
Jeepster ... T. Rex
Feet Of Clay ... Hanging from the Rafters
Where I End and You Begin ... Night Drive
Wockx ... Paranerd *

That's all folks. Now GO OUTSIDE

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 30 March 2017

Ruby Slippers March 31 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Last day of the month and apparently it's roaring out like a lion. Anyone else getting craptacular weather?
Well, as they say (who are they anyway?) can't change that but can listen to great music.
So there.

Perfect Ten ... Holy Sexy Bastards *
Carousels ... Silent Movie Types *
Tanlines ... Knifey *
New Age Renegade ... Moon Tan *
Charlton Heston Haunts Me... Portable Jesus
Stuck In The Metal ... Eagles of Death Metal
Work It ... Beautiful Nothing *
You Could Get Lost Out Here ... AC Newman *
The News Is ... The World Sucks ... The Haiku
Glory ... The Acorn *
Primitive Creatures ... Church of Trees *
To Keep It Going ... The Amazing
Walking On Glass ... INHALT
I Follow You ... Melody's Echo Chamber

That's it! Loving this one.

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Ruby Slippers March 24 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here we go, oodles of awesome music this week! Really love it when bands send along tunes because that is how we roll on this show!

So without further ado...

Combat My Love ... Uniter *
Twilight Galaxy ... Metric *
Instant Patience ... JFDR
Paper Heart ... Blood and Glass *
W3AP ... Seasonal
Proactive Evolution ... WHY?
Jericho River ... Christian D and Helena Berlin *
Three Friends ... Greg Clarke *
Wouldn't It Be Nice ... The Beach Boys
Miss You (Peaking Lights remix) ... Clinic
Play With Fire ... Cobra Verde
Aikea Guinea ... Cocteau Twins
Can I Get A Piece of You? ... The Corsets *

BTW there will be a give away of Carole Pope tickets for April 7 at the Phoenix.
Tune in to win!

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ruby Slippers March 17 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's that most magical of days, St. Pat's and in keeping with the outfit of the day I am all dressed in green much to the chagrin on everyone here in the station.

I digress.

Anyway, here's the playlist. And I did include a new band from Ireland, Barq, who will be playing at the upcoming CMW


Toumast Tincha ...Tinariwen
The One I Love (cover) ... The Royal Oui
Jennifer ... Little Comets
So In Love ... Strange Talk
Crawlin Out Of Bed ... The Fuzz Kings *
White Cloud ... Curbside Sofa *
Cloudbusting ... Kate Bush
The Kissing ... Little Scream *
Wedding One ... Rebekah Higgs *
Gentle Kind Of Lies ... Barq !!
Absisto ... Cold Specks*
Execution ... Pink Mountaintops *
Midnight Sun ... Steve Hackett (god I love this guy)
Loser Without Your Love ... Lee harvey Osmond *

Hoist a frosty one for me and thanks for listening!


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ruby Slippers for Mar 10 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Totally exciting week. Have been immersed in music all week, favorite pastime. Lucky girl!

So here's a sample of what I found. Hope you enjoy it too.

Fix Me Now ... Garbage
Spins In Circles ... Dinosaur Bones *
Blue Church Road ... Collette Savard *
Save Your Nails ... Andy Dixon * (very exciting)
Can't Keep Your Mind Off ... Data Romance *
Waiting On A Feeling ... City Rain
Too Much, Not Enough ... Say Yes *
Covered in Chrome ... Violent Soho (Two from Down Under #1)
Superman ... Dune Rats  (#2)
Friends In The Sky ... Dirty Nil *
Heart Shaped Box (cover) ... Beliefs *
Train In Vain ... The Clash (classic)
No Excuses ... Breached *
Be My Leia ... the Dollyrots
3AM ... Kate Nash
Medicine ... Broken Bells

Now THAT'S entertainment.

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Ruby Slippers "It's March 3, by gum" 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody,

The temperature is rocking all over the place, the world is topsy turvy (don't you love that phrase?)
and a new month is upon us.

This is a very different playlist. Hope you like it. I sure do.

Away from the Speed ... Dead Heavens
Call Me ... Chris Birkett * (I love the production on this one)
Love Goes On ... Renaissance
You and Your Sister ... Chris Bell
Black Crow ... Molly Johnson *
Things Behind The Sun ... Nick Drake
Out Of The Blue ... Eric and the Soo *
Once I Was A Lion ... Mad Machines *
I Was, You Were ... The High Dials *
Brand New Spot ... New Swears *
Rocket Scientist ... Deer Park
Facelove ... PS I Love You *
Destroy You ... Mantra
Breakaway ... The Insomniac Project
Hate The Taste ... Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Stoned and Starving ... Parquet Courts

And away we go.
Thanks for listening



Thursday, 23 February 2017

Ruby Slippers "Good Lord the Month is Over" February 24 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's over, almost. What happened? Did I miss something?
Oh well, let's see the month out with loads of new and amazing stuff.

Pebble ... Phern *
Orchids ... The Shacks
Better Red Than Dead ... Ruth Carp and the Fish Heads
Friend Named Betty ... The Submissives *(don't really have one from what I can see)
Have Love Will Travel ... The Sonics
In Shadows ... Something Mechanical *
Evelyn ... Hannah Georgas *
Gliding ... Someday
Nosedive ... Electric Floor
Pollyanna ... DZ Deathrays
Defector ... Black Mountain *
Paint Box ... Pink Floyd (following me on Twitter! yes! )
Young Love ... Rival Sons
Six ... Radio Free Universe *
Near North ... Black Mastiff *
Everybody Love You ... Kaki King (amazing guitar work)
Sad Young Man ... The Strawbs
Grandlove ... Purity Ring *
So In Love ... Strange Talk

Let's see how far we get...

Thanks for listening



Thursday, 16 February 2017

Ruby Slippers February 17 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Loads of really cool totally new-to-me tracks this week.

Some days it pays off to stay at home while under the weather and give yourself permission to just listen to music for hours.

So here is this week's playlist.  Enjoy!

Space Euphoria ... Aircraft (discovered this band on Twitter)
Strange ... New Love Army * (from the archives)
Shadow Of Love ... Royal Tusk * (it's just a shade past V Day after all)
Get Low ... James Vincent McMorrow (so lovely)
All For Love ... SheLoom *
What Love ... Jagwar Ma
Too Much Too Soon ... Say Yes *
I Love You ... Said the Whale *
Butterfly ... Radio Free Universe *
My Love Is True ... Monster Truck *
Santa Fe ... Wintersleep *
Lovers Interred... Ask For Joy
Hinterland ... The Cult
Under My Skin ... SPC ECO

Ambitious, my middle name.

Thanks for listening!



Thursday, 9 February 2017

Ruby Slippers February 10 Valentine's Show 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

In a few days it will be another year gone by and Valentine's Day will be upon us.

This is a day not only for acknowledging that special person (or persons) in our lives but also to remember that in the big picture, there is enough love for everybody.

I am lucky to have a special guest host tonight, Mark Tara, host of Rainbow Country here on CIUT.
He is a musician, radio celeb, all around lovely person and I suspect an incurable romantic.

The list here isn't necessarily in order as we will be winging it but I will endeavour to put it to rights after the show.

Mark's songs (with interview clips, bonus!):  *** Played all of these ***
Lorraine Segato...Rise Up *
Carole Pope ... High School Confidential *
Ashley MacIsaac ... Hubert's Story *
Roberta Flack ... The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Carol B's songs:
Sugar, Sugar ... The Archies (from Greg to Suzy) 
Infinite Love without Fulfillment ... Grimes* 
Lullaby Love ... Justin Timberlake vs. The Cure
What You Call Love Is A Lie ... The High Dials *
Love and a 45 ... Eve Hell and the Razors * Played
Tainted Love ... My Brightest Diamond Played
Love Myself ... parker Bombshell * Played
How Can I Ease The Pain ... Lisa Fischer
Torch Song ... Todd Rundgren (my heart song always) (hankie please

Remember to tell those who matter that you love them.
Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Ruby Slippers February 3 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's now officially the month of Love.

We will not win the battle with a heavy heart. Be kind to one another, everyone is welcome.

Here's this week's playlist.

Vitamin C ... The Strange Cases * (new!)
Teenage Worf Remembrance Rites ... Prancing Cat *
So Long ... Jig the Alien
No Resolution ... Authentic Imperfection * (new)
Tobacco Road ... Spooky Tooth (for Greg and co)
Question ... Organ Thieves *
Time Flies ... Joel Plaskett Emergency *
Married On A Sunday ... Parlovr *
Fat Checker ... The Strix (from Russia)
Polaroid Solution ... Faded Paper Figures
In Order to Survive 2... Jon Cohen Experimental *
White Out ... Jets Overhead *
Banal Reality ... Organic Grooves
Cayucas ... Oregon Mike Trails
I Just Can't be Happy Today ... The Damned
Near North ... Black Mastiff *

Thanks for listening. Much love


Thursday, 26 January 2017

Ruby Slippers January 27 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

This is our last show for January. Can't believe we got through this month in one piece and have had loads of interesting new music to boot!

Well, here it is, this week's playlist. There is a set from some very talented Canadian artists who will be in Toronto performing together in February. And of course there are some others who are new to me as well as the old favs.

There's even some, dare I say it, disco!


This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us ...Sparks (LOL the devil made me do it)
How to Look Important in Public ... Spectre Hearts *
Donnie the Disco Commie ... The Spandettes *
We Are See Thorough ... Jane Vain and the Dark Matter *
Burnin and Lootin (Bob Marley cover) ... The Johnny Red Eyes *
Mile High ... Morphine (B sides and Otherwise LP)
A Kiss ... LUKA *
Hewing Crowns ... Her Harbour *
Attawapiskat ... Drago Dit Dragon *
Light Scheme (ft Ummagma) ... Sounds of Sputnik
Fields Test ... Krystle Love B *
Handy Man ... The Knife
Utilities ... John K Samson *
Magic's In The Dancing ... Lighthouse *

Looking at this list, I have no idea how it happened.

Thanks for listening



Thursday, 19 January 2017

Ruby Slippers for january 20 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody! How's it going?

One minute it's cold then it's warm and the sun just don't shine. And I think that hot and cold swing is reflected in this week's playlist. (The B's have it as well...check out the band listings)

See what you think! Enjoy

Suburban Ruffian .... Stained Glass Army *
Meteor ... The Bats Pajamas * (new!!!and improved!!! LOL)
Please No ... Mary Bell  (from Paris)
Sea Song ... The Wilderness of Manitoba * (note the sonic temperature shift)
Lazy ... Ocean Leaves (from Aussie)
Iron Rooster ... Foo Fighters (finally made the list)
Pit and Pendulum ... Hank Pine, Lily Fawn * (Victoria, BC)
Fast Forward (live) ... Stuck On Planet Earth *
What A Piece of Work Is H. Ford ... Ours Blond (also from Paris) (Henry Ford?)
A Photo of Mu Ex ... Young Doctors In Love *
Your Mother's A Rapper ... Big Damn Heroes (thus starts the tsunami of Bs)
We Dance Alone ... Beck
Jimmy Jimmy ... Born Ruffians *
Nothing Left To Lose ... Bed of Stars *
Sweetie and Shag ... Battles
Enemy... Blue Foundation

#loveyourradio indeed

Have a great week and thanks for listening!



Thursday, 12 January 2017

Ruby Slippers January 13 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

OMG it's Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious? I could do the obvious and play some Stevie Wonder tonight but really? Given all that has gone on in the world, who's afraid of a little old number. Just remember not to go under a ladder or let a black cat cross in front of you, and hey! it's all good.

So here is the decidedly non spooky playlist. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

Goodbye ... Eddie Vedder
Ascending ... Jupiter Hollow *
Not Be Alright ... Mary Margaret O'Hara *
Monkeys Uptown ... Iron and Wine (won't lie, loved Kiss Each Other Clean LP)
Bird On a Ladder ... The Soles (also loved Anodos Kathodos) *
Just The Same  But Brand New ... St. Vincent
Coming On Strong ... Jane's Party *
Breaking It Up ... Lykke Li
Cabin Fever ... The Sulks *
Agent Zero ... Arkells *
Reindeer (cover of The Knife) ... Lily Fawn * (will play more by her and Hank Pine next week)
Needles In The Camel's Eye ... Brian Eno
More Than Friends ... Secret Broadcast *
X Ray Cat ... SkyBurnsRed

Ambitious? Hells ya.

Thanks for listening. Be safe out there.



Thursday, 5 January 2017

Ruby Slippers January 6 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions? I have: more Cancon, maybe start a podcast? and an OOTD for each and every show. So stay tuned!
Meanwhile oodles of great music, new and not so new this week, so without further adieu, here we go

Houdini ... Teenage Kicks *
Good Day At The Races ...Hollerado *
Rowdy Jackson ... Filthy Haanz *
Shake ... Tin Bangs *
Pretty Garden ... Will Black *
Africa ... Thundermug *
The Legionnaire's Lament ... The Decemberists
Hostages ... AC Newman *
Reena ... Sonic Youth
Us Me (live at CHRW) ... Stuck On Planet Earth! *
Mouse ... The United States of America
Bad Ritual ... Timber Timbre *
Pocketful of Rocks ... Forest City Lovers *
21st Century Schizoid Man ... Nash The Slash *
I'm Okay (There Will Come a Day) ... 1977 *

There you go, first resolutions fulfilled! Now only 51 weeks left to go..💗

See you next week and as always thanks for listening

*Cancon, baby